Welcome to Mo’NifeRe Boutique!

Hi my name is Sindra, founder of Mo’NifeRe Boutique. The concept of Mo’NifeRe is inspired by love. It is rooted in the ancient language of the Yoruba people, and it means “I love you”.

Mo’NifeRe Boutique is an exclusive online based store dedicated to honoring ancient ethnic indigenous stories, cultures, communities and people.

As humans, we tell stories orally, but we also tell stories in the things we make by the work of our hands. Mo’NifeRe is about the product of the work of the hands of people. Our handmade jewelry and accessories are crafted using regional locally sourced, sustainable and often recycled materials. Our jewelry comes from a range of tribal ethnic African pieces from across the continent of Africa with a unique fusion of the traditional and the contemporary.

Your purchase not only supports my personal entrepreneurship endeavors, but also the partnerships we have created with artisans, mostly women and their families who work with their hands to create unique pieces inspired by the love of culture, the meaning of the stories attached to each piece, and the work done to economically support their families on the continent of Africa.

When you make a purchase at Mo’NifeRe you are not only supporting your own love for culture and fashion, but love for the artisan who skillfully made them, their families, communities, the environment and sustainable cooperative economics.