Ice Blue Beauty


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Aritistically made to enhance the beauty of each artistically crafted bead, these Krobo beads sets in our Bohemian Necklace Set Collection, are made from recycled
powdered glass. Powder glass beads are made from finely ground glass, the main source are recycled broken and unusable bottles and a great variety of other scrap glasses. The powdering process and the formation of the beads are all made by hand by skill craft women and men that are specifically trained for this purpose. Then use personal art to complete their creations. Accented with brass piece made casting in antique molds.

According to oral history, the Ghanaian Krobo tribe,  have used beads as an integral part of their culture for centuries. Krobo Beads are symbols of status, wealth and success. Historically they were mostly worn by royalty in Ghana. The use of glass as a medium to create beads was introduced to their culture by the way of glass trade with Europeans in the 16th Century. Krobo beads are handmade using traditional skilled techniques passed down and learned by skilled artisan families.

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